Best colour prediction game app in inidia

Playing games and earning money has become a significant trend among the youth today. In this era, several websites offer a unique way to make money – predicting colors. These color prediction games have gained immense popularity, providing users with an exciting opportunity to earn a decent sum of money. In this article, we explore the world of color prediction games and introduce websites where you can try your luck and skills.

Understanding Color Prediction Games

Color prediction games involve predicting the outcome of colors in various scenarios. The process is simple – you choose a color, and if it appears, you win money. Some games offer a twist, allowing you to predict colors in rapid succession with a chance to double your earnings. These games are a form of trivia where guessing future events takes precedence over knowledge.

Pros of Color Prediction Games

Playing games and earning money has become a major trend among the youth in recent times. There are numerous websites that offer a decent amount of money for simply predicting colors. These color prediction games have gained popularity, and in this article, we will explore such websites. While these games offer an exciting opportunity to make money, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons before diving in.


1. Quick Earning Potential

  • Players can earn money swiftly by predicting colors in these games.
  • Some games offer rapid prediction rounds, allowing users to make quick decisions.

2. Entertainment and Motivation

  • Color prediction games excite users and motivate them to play more.
  • The anticipation of predicting the right colors adds an element of entertainment.

3. Referral Programs

  • Many platforms, such as VClub, offer referral programs, allowing users to earn additional income by bringing in friends.
  • Referral bonuses can significantly boost earnings.

4. Variety of Games

  • Some platforms, like Fiewin, offer multiple game options beyond color prediction, adding variety to the gaming experience.

5. Convenient Withdrawal

Several platforms provide easy and quick withdrawal options, ensuring players can access their earnings promptly.

Cons of Color Prediction Games

1. Financial Risk

  • High risk of losing money, especially if players make substantial investments.
  • Dependence on luck, as the outcome is unpredictable.

2. Potential Addiction

  • Some users may develop an addiction to these games, leading to excessive gaming and financial losses.

3. Lack of Transparency

  • Transparency issues regarding the algorithms and fairness of the games.
  • Some platforms may not disclose crucial information about their operations.

4. Closure of Websites

  • Many color prediction websites turn out to be fraudulent or shut down after a short period.
  • Players need to be cautious about potential scams and play at their own risk.

These pros and cons provide an overview of the color prediction gaming landscape. It’s essential for players to approach these games with caution, considering the potential risks involved. Always play responsibly and be aware of the uncertainties associated with color prediction games.

The allure of color prediction games lies in the excitement they offer. Players are motivated to play more as they try to predict the right colors and earn money. These games have gained popularity on the internet, following the trend set by fantasy sports.

Choosing the Best Colour Prediction Game

While the prospect of earning money through color prediction games is enticing, it’s crucial to choose the right platform. In this regard, we present a list of websites that offer best color prediction games along with their features and drawbacks.


Mantrimall provides various predictions to play, such as Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emred. It offers a low investment requirement, easy gameplay, and a referral program. However, it comes with risks and dependence on luck. Mantrimall or Mantrigame is the best color prediction game in india.

Low investment neededHigh risk of losing money
Simple and easy to playDependence on luck
Opportunity to earn more every dayCan be addictive for some
Convenient withdrawal processLack of transparency
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Colorwiz is a color prediction game with additional features. It provides a simple interface but lacks efficient customer support and has a slow payment system.


VClub is a platform where you can earn money by guessing colors. It offers a rapid removal option, a referral program, and operates under the legitimacy certified by the Indian government. However, there is a cap on earnings per session, and a deposit is required for withdrawals.

Options for rapid removalThe most you may earn in one session is 10 rupees.
Referral program featurePlayers must deposit 200 rupees into their accounts to withdraw their winnings.
Legitimate operation certified by the Indian government


Fiewin stands out with its 2.5-minute and rapid 30-second color prediction games. It offers quick withdrawal times and various categories of games, including dice and minesweeper.

  • Fiewin offers 2.5-minute and rapid 30-second color prediction games.
  • Quick withdrawal times, with money appearing in the bank account within five minutes.
  • Offers various game categories, including dice, andar bahar, minesweeper, and circle.
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Zeus989 offers a top referral-and-earning scheme with a sign-up bonus and free Paytm cash. It involves recommending friends and earning commissions on their activities.


Daman is a casino game that allows color predictions. It offers a low start prediction amount, fast withdrawal, and a good promotion mission.

Start Prediction with Only 1 RsNot good customer service available
Fast withdrawalPayment system is also very slow
No withdrawal feeOnly 2 levels of bonus
24/7 Customer ServicePromotion bonus could have been better


Rxce offers a variety of games in addition to color prediction, including Aviator and Lucky Hit. However, it has limited bonus levels and customer service concerns.

Play multiple gamesOnly 2 level bonus
Various predictions availableNot good customer service available
Opportunity to play Call of Duty & Free Fire tournaments


Joymall requires players to predict the next color and offers additional options like number prediction. It provides a simple interface but lacks effective customer support.


Winmoney is a color prediction game similar to Mantrimall, offering various ways to play and a bonus for referring members.


Cooe is an app that combines color prediction with surveys and games. It has a user-friendly interface but lacks strong customer support.


Flipwin not only offers color prediction games but also has a refer-and-earn program, providing additional incentives for inviting friends.

Reliance Mall:

Reliance Mall is an updated prediction gaming application with a recognizable brand name. It offers a registration bonus and a referral option for earning money.


CWin allows users to predict colors and earn points, which can be converted into money. It has a unique CWin Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan with various levels of rewards.


BCone offers color prediction games with different modes and a referral program. Some users have reported technical difficulties and slow processing.


Yoswin is a new online money-making app offering color prediction games and games about plane crashes. It provides two prediction games with varying probabilities and incentives.


RoyalWin is a free online color prediction game with a sign-up bonus and five levels of commission.


Cockfight games offer a simple chance to make money by predicting the color of upcoming cards. It requires no additional skills, only correct predictions.


Top Picks for Color Prediction Games: While each platform has its pros and cons, a few stand out for various reasons. Fastwin, VClub, and Mantrimall are recommended for their ease of use, low investment, and convenient withdrawal processes.

Conclusion: Best color prediction games have become a lucrative trend for those seeking to make money online. However, it’s essential to play responsibly and be aware of the risks associated with such games. Choose a reliable platform, follow strategies, and enjoy the thrill of predicting colors while potentially earning money. Remember, it’s crucial to play at your own risk, especially considering the existence of fake color websites.


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