Earning money from online is always better option for future goal. You can make money from your home only you need to put your perdition knowledge and your time as your investments. Here we will learn all new colour prediction game formulas and Parity, Becon, Sapre, Emerd tricks. before going to start investing in any platform you need to check  whether the colour prediction game platform is really worthy to invest money or not. Because many colour prediction games are doing fraudulent to their customers nowadays. So, choose your game platform wisely.

Top rated color prediction game

1Mantrimall / MantrigameAll time best for its customer supportclick here to register
2ColourwizSecond largest colour trading appclick here to register
3AmandaEasy trend click here to register
4Reliance MallFast growing color game click here to register
5MaryjewerlyFast growing color game click here to register

India’s Best Colour Prediction Game Apps

Colour Prediction Game is the best way to earn money from online, You need a mobile phone or computer to invest and play. The investment amount is very small, you can earn up to Rs.1500/- per day by only investing Rs. 300/- as your capital. people may think that this is kind of gambling but that’s not true. this is not like gambling because you have to think more and try to predict the next colour yourself within 2.30 minutes. So stop thinking like all the colour prediction games are scam.

Lets go from the beginning,

How colour prediction game hack app are working?

From the colour prediction game hack app, you can earn money by guessing the correct colour. Not only the colour, but you can also guess the result numbers. My friend said that this app does not charge any withdrawal fee. And that is why I have mentioned only this app in my blog. No withdrawal fee means you can withdraw whatever amount you have earned from this app. No additional deduction in the payment

So if you are looking for a colour prediction game that needs low investment to start, then this one is a definite way to start. So even if you have a limited budget, you can still start playing and earning money.

I also came to know about its customer support facility. Some users have praised customer support and many are finding issues with the customer care option.

I have personally tried this game, and from my experience, I must say that the game is quite unpredictable and is more or less based on chance and luck. Compared to other colour prediction games, I found that there is some kind of uncertainty in this game and most of the time the prediction gets wrong.

But this is my personal opinion, and the point of view may differ from person to person. And the point is, if you play with the right strategy and careful analysis, you can increase your chances of making accurate predictions.

Too Played Colour Prediction Game App 2023

Today we have so many colour prediction platforms offering money earning opportunity, many of them are scam and fraudulent. We suggest our reader to ensure the platforms worthy before start investing it.

As per our research, mantrimalls is the best colour prediction game network since 2018. We have analyzed many colour prediction platforms and conclude that these two are the best and worthy prediction game platform where we can invest and play securely.

We analyzed in the below manner.

Minimum Recharge Amount

Some colour prediction games are requires minimum deposit upto Rs.500/- but minimum deposit requires in mantrimalls is Rs.100/- only. you can invest amount by using your UPI ID or through credit / debit cards also. only you need to give your mobile number and email id when the time of recharge. 

Once your recharge is done, your money will be added to your colour prediction game wallet with in 2 minutes. so that you can start playing instantly. the deposit will work properly 24/7.

Give your mantrimalls review about recharges in comment section.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Mantrimalls colour prediction game is always best for its super fast and 24/7 withdrawal scheme. withdrawal is very simple in mantrimalls like placing your bet during the game. 

You can withdraw amount from Mantrimalls using your bank account or UPI id. Both ways are working properly since the day mantrimalls colour prediction game had been started. very small amount of people only getting problems while withdrawing money from their wallet only because of the receivers bank error. also they will refunded the same amount in their wallet instantly. 

24/7 Deposit & Withdrawal.

As i said the above, you can withdraw your amount at any time as well as you can add money to your game wallet at any time. both deposit and withdrawals working properly 24/7. If any issues happen while depositing or withdrawing, Mantrimalls colour prediction game will give your immediate solution. 

If no problems in withdrawal then your money will be refunded to your wallet within few minutes, after that you can reapply for withdrawal by using another UPI. Till now we have not received any complaints in depositing, If you are facing any issues related to such please mention in comment box.

Speed Game Networking.

After becoming popular in India, the colour prediction game networks has struggled by over loading traffic. so many players are joining to this game everyday. so many platforms were unable to maintain its website speed and they lost their customer due to over slow networks. mantrimalls having very good and fastest networking so you won’t need to face any networking issues. 

Better Customer Service.

Most of the colour prediction game platforms are poor customer service, even mantrimalls needs to improve its customer service but comparing to the others mantrimalls customer service is good enough.

Highly Trusted.

As you can see at any telegram group, mantrimalls is only having more members comparing with all other colour prediction games. people may try some other colour prediction networks only for few days. They will come back to mantrimalls after losing all their money. 

Most of the people must be playing with mantrimalls because of its stability and trust.

Easy Trends

The trend means next colour. If you can’t predict the next colour, it’s your fault. But if you can predict the next colour every time, then it’s a scam platform. See the difference, I think you all understood the above line. also i know many of you must have already played with those scam platforms. I don’t want to tell the platform’s name.

Here in mantrimalls you can predict the next colour and most of the time you will get win only if you change your view about the trend. we will explain it in future post.Also, we have planned to give training about colour prediction Technic via post and YouTube videos. Subscribe to this YouTube Channel for further updates in few days. 

This is a FAQ page specially made for mantrimalls colour prediction game app. you care welcome to share your experience in comment section so people can understanding this game better and you can help them to make money. 

Colour Prediction Game Doubts

How do you play colour prediction game ?

Its very simple making money from a colour prediction game, only if you are able to prediction the next colour exactly. login mantrimalls , predict the next colour, place your order on the same colour or number as per your prediction, wait for last 30 seconds to see the result. If your result is correct, then your money will be double.

Which is the best colour prediction game ?

Obviously mantrimalls is the best colour prediction game app comparing to the others. 

Colour Prediction Game App Apk Download

To download the Colour Prediction Game apk. Click this link, register with your mobile number, you can see the download option inside.

High referral bonus color prediction app

Mantrimalls gives you Rs.138/- for each referral. no other platforms is giving this much money for single referral. 


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